Charlotte Wiki

Most of the adolescents who appear in Charlotte have an ability of some sort. These abilities are "awakened" when an individual reaches adolescence and go away when adolescence is over. Most abilities grand the user some supernatural power, but also come with a downside when the ability is used.

Known Abilities[]

"Plunder", when the user can "plunder" a target's body by temporarily taking over them for five seconds. Yū Otosaka is known to have this as his ability.

"Cloak", when the user is able to disappear from a single target's field of vision. Nao Tomori is known to have this ability.

"Charge", where the user can move at very high speeds in one direction. This movement is so rapid it appears to be teleportation; however, it is not to be confused with actual teleportation. Jōjirō Takajō is known to have this ability.

"Spiritism", when the user is able to become possessed by dead spirits. Yusa Nishimori has this ability, as she usually is possessed by her dead sister, Misa Kurobane.

"Pyrokinesis", when the user is able to ignite a flame within their hand at will. Misa Kurobane is known to have this ability.

"Collapse", when the user can shatter or create massive fissures in any solid structure in a radius around them. Ayumi Otosaka is known to have this ability.

"Thoughtohraphy", when the user can take pictures of what they visualize in their mind. Udō was known to have this ability.

"Telekinesis," when the user can freely manipulate the position of objects by using mental power. Arifumi Fukuyama was known to have this ability.

"Floating", when the user suspend themselves in the air. Skyhigh Saitō was known to have this ability.

"Time Leap", when an individual can travel back in time. Shunsuke Otosaka was known to have this ability, and is blind because of it. 

"Explosion", when an individual can generate an enormous intense amount of heat that would lead to an explosion. Not much is known about this ability at the moment.

There has also been numerous other unnamed abilities that have made their appearances or have been mentioned in the anime, as listed below. The given names are not official.

"Shock", where the user can generate lightning, as shown by an unnamed male individual while he was being possessed by Yū.

"Freeze", where the user can generate ice, as shown by Yū who used this ability to prevent an individual from successfully using the ability of "Explosion".

"Foresight", where the user can foresee the future (?), as shown by Yū who obtained information through an unknown method about an accident that was going to happen in the Russian Federation.

"Courage", portrayed by a female child whom bravely shielded Yū when he was being assaulted for his bounty reward.

"Alchemy", where the user can transform objects into other substances, as shown by Yū who transformed the material of a gun pointed at him into gold. It is unknown if the user can choose the compound/element that they are transforming the material into.

"Barrier", where the user can conjure an intangible shield. Yū used this ability to block projectiles and blow his assailants away with force. The total strength of this shield is unknown, but it is shown that it can withstand even an RPG missile fired at it.

"Virulence", where the user can amplify or accelerate the progress of an existing medical condition. Said conditions also apply to the manifestation of abilities.

"Healing," where the user can accelerate the healing of an injury, as shown by an unnamed female individual who completely healed and closed the wound of another male individual who had a small cut above his elbow. It is unknown if this ability can be used to cure illnesses too.

"Telepathy", where the user can read the thoughts of others and transmit their own thoughts to select targets.

"Seek", where the user can detect other ability-wielders, including individuals with abilities that have yet to be awakened. This ability can be utilized through the use of a map, with dots as an indication of an abiiity-wielder's position.

"Translation", where the user can understand and translate other languages.

"Insomnia", where the user does not require sleep to remain healthy. The only currently known way for an individual with this ability to force themselves sleep is by taking sleeping pills.

"Teleport", where the user can teleport. Limitations of this ability are unknown. 

"Summon", where the user can mold solid matter into shapes, as if summoning them. Yū used this ability to form spikes to scare off a group of soldiers who were attempting to kill him.