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Amnesia is an ability that allows the user to erase someone's memories. When this ability is used, a single memory can be found and deleted.

It was the ability of Maedomari.


The user can search for and erase a single memory within a target. This requires the user to be in contact with the target, and searching for a specific memory can take a long time. However, once the desired memory is found, it can be deleted with "pin-point accuracy".

When this ability is used, the part of the user in contact with the target will glow with a golden light. The user will need to remain in contact with the target while the ability is being used, or it will not work. The ability can be used as many times as the user desires.

It is likely that the memories that are erased with this ability are merely subdued, and that the ability's effect may wear off, as some targets were able to recall very vague details about memories that were affected by this ability many years after it was used on them.