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Charge is an ability that allows its user to launch themselves at high speeds. When the ability is used, the user will be flung at incredibly high speeds in a direction of their choosing.

It was the ability of Jōjirō Takajō.


The user has the ability to move at incredibly high speeds. The user moves so fast that it is almost impossible to see them as they move, giving the perception that they are teleporting. This is not the case, however, and should not be confused with actual Teleportation.

While the ability is active, the immense speed of the user causes them to perceive time as if it were slowed down around them. This allows them to make small adjustments mid-charge, such as being able to open and close their hands. The shockwave of the charge is quite strong and is capable of throwing surrounding objects into the air, and will kick up a wake of dust and debris.

However, the ability does not include any mechanism to slow down once the user has committed to a charge. This often results in dangerous high-speed crashes that can seriously injure the user.