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Charlotte (シャーロット, Charlotte) is the eleventh episode of Charlotte, first broadcast on September 12, 2015.


Kumagami and Medoki appear before Yu Otosaka after he successfully rescues Ayumi. Within the laboratory facilities that they take the siblings to, Yu finds out the reason behind the outbreaks of special abilities. Kumagami then gains information regarding a new ability wielder and heads to Hoshinoumi Academy, but...


After being filled in on the situation, Shunsuke urges to stay with Ayumi at his research facility until his abilities disappear, as they put him at risk of being targeted. There, he meets the old man from his flashback, Dr. Tsutsumiuchi, who is developing a vaccine to prevent further outbreaks of special abilities, which are revealed to have come from inhaling particles spread by a comet called Charlotte.

As Yū and Ayumi begin living in their new environment, Kumagami's aide, Furuki, is threatened into handing Kumagami over to an overseas terrorist group who force him into telling them everything he knows about ability users. Using this information, the terrorists kidnap Nao and hold her, Kumagami, and Furuki's family hostage in exchange for Yū. Learning of this from Shunsuke, Yū comes close to losing control of his collapse ability, but manages to calm down and agrees to go in to rescue them. Upon meeting up with the terrorists at an abandoned factory and ensuring the safety of Furuki's family, Yū suddenly finds himself attacked by another ability user who slashes his eye to prevent him from time-leaping, the pain of which causes his collapse ability to go out of control and collapse the factory. Although Yū manages to use his telekinesis to protect himself and the other esper, Kumagami becomes impaled after protecting Nao from the wreckage and dies as a result, devastating Shunsuke.


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