Encounter (邂逅, Kaikō) is the eighth episode of Charlotte, first broadcast on August 22, 2015.


Nao has tickets to a ZHIEND concert, but who will she takes along? Meanwhile, Yusarin shows off her new music video, much to Jojiro's enjoyment.


After returns to school, Nao assembles the student council together to watch Yusa's new music video before inviting Yū to go to a ZHIEND concert with her. Later that day, Yū comes across ZHIEND's blind vocalist, Sala Shane, who treats him to dinner and hears about his recent loss. Believing it might help Kazuki, Yū decides to take Sala to meet him, and on the way, Yū hears from her about the troubles she faced in her career before she went blind. When they arrive, Sala sings her song "Fallin'" to calm Kazuki down from his rage, allowing him to recognize others once again. After seeing Sala off, Nao calls Yū and thanks him for improving Kazuki's condition, while Yū becomes curious as to why he feels so nostalgic over ZHIEND's music.


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By order of appearance:

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  • Alternate Title: A Chance Meeting [1]

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Charlotte - Episode 8 Preview

Charlotte - Episode 8 Preview



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