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Happiness You Did Not Notice (気づかなかった幸せ, Kizukanakatta Shiawase,) is the sixth episode of Charlotte, first broadcast on August 08, 2015.


Yu and the team must hunt down the owner of a mysterious power know only as Collapse.


While Ayumi stays at home to rest her fever, and the others learn that a student with a "collapse" ability is in the condo, leading Nao to suspect Ayumi might be developing an ability of her own. As Yū, Nao, and Yusa check up on her, Ayumi describes a dream she had about the ground suddenly cracking, prompting Nao to suggest that everyone be cautious around her. The next day, as Ayumi's temperature goes down, Yū advises her to stay at home so she can be safe, but she decides to sneak out and go to school anyway. There, she is confronted by her classmate, Konishi, who had come to despise Ayumi for allegedly stealing the boy she liked away from her and comes at her with a knife. Pushed into a corner, Ayumi suddenly activates the collapse ability, causing the school building to collapse with her still inside it. As Yū desperately searches the wreckage for any signs of Ayumi, a piece of rubble comes crumbling towards him. Afterwards, Takehito Kumagami is shown looking down at the blood.


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  • Alternate Title: Happiness Never Noticed [1], Happy You Did Not Notice [2]
  • This episode ends with a cliffhanger showing Kumagami looking over blood.
  • It confirms Ayumi does have a special ability like her brother , but hers is "collapse".

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