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Hoshinoumi Academy

Hoshinoumi Academy (星ノ海学園, Hoshinoumi Gakuen, "Star Ocean Academy") is a boarding school, whose purpose to watch over and protect adolescent boys and girls who have special ability, or have symptoms or circumstances of developing one.[1]

Mission Statement[]

Hoshinoumi Academy has a mission to gather all adolescent who obtain special ability before the scientist find them. As Nao Tomori stated, an individual Shunsuke Otosaka created this school to protect they who obtain special ability and those who have potential to have it, in order to prevent the scientists from using them as lab experiments. The student council was given authorization to carry out the mission statement, in both Hoshinoumi and nearby schools. This is to prevent cases like Nao's brother, Kazuki Tomori, from happening again. [2] It is hinted that the academy is the safest place for anyone who obtain special ability. [3]


Hoshinoumi Academy is partially a boarding school, so it has both an academic wing and a dormitory. Normal classes are taken in the front and back wings of the academy. In addition, the cafeteria and gym flank the left side of the school. Students live in the dormitories located off the main campus

Known students[]