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Jōjirō Takajō (高城 丈士朗 Takajō Jōjirō) is a member of the Hoshinoumi Academy student council. He is an ability wielder that can move at very fast speeds.


Jōjirō Takajō
Jōjirō Takajō CD1

Jōjirō has grey hair, and blue eyes, he wears a pair of wire-rimmed gasses which are in constant need of repairing. He is dressed in standard Hoshinoumi Academy Male uniform.



Takajo's memory on Yusa's spell


Takajo's memory on Yusa's spell...again.

He possesses an attitude similar to that of Takamatsu from Angel Beats! It is also hinted that he is highly interested in giraffes, having a lot of information about them and being easily distracted by just the mention of the name.

Jōjirō is a big fan of Yusa Nishimori, throughout the series, he has displayed a perfect memory on the list of Yusa's magic spells, accurately naming which spell, and which series of Move Asa it was featured in, during the times when Yusa is possessed by Misa, he has trouble reading. In that one time when Misa spit saliva on the ground, he was troubled whether he should fanboy or not.


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Jōjirō has the ability to charge at extremely high speeds in one direction. This movement is so rapid, things around him slow down and makes him look like he is teleporting; however, it is not to be confused with actual teleportation. He isn't in full control of this ability, Jōjirō usually has trouble stopping at his planned destination and ends up flying into things, resulting him to be sent to hospitals numerous times and damage to his surroundings. To protect himself, he often wears protective garments underneath his uniform and regularly keeps his body in shape.