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Kazuki Tomori (友利 一希, Tomori Kazuki) is Nao's older brother, who once had the ability to change the air vibrations. Previously he was a member of a band which was going to make a contract with a record company, but it was cancelled due to their mother's begging for Kazuki and Nao to enter a certain boarding school. It is revealed that the school has relations with a scientist who later did experiments on Kazuki. He has stayed at the sanatorium until now and for some time does not even recognize Nao as his sister. However, recently, takes Sala Shane to Kazuki's sanatorium to meet him, with the hope that he will regain consciousness, and he does.

However it is unknown if Yu was able to go back in time and help him again, although the possibility remains as the special shows that certain events may still have happened in between certain episodes it's not exactly for certain however he is seen at the end peacefully holding a personalized ZHIEND CD with Sala Shane's autograph, so it is highly believed that he was helped.


Kazuki has light brown hair, and blue eyes, prior to having been experimented upon by scientists, he had short hair and a normal and expressive face, but after that and having lost his special ability, he now has a duller, hollow expression with lidded, unfocused eyes.


Kazuki is generally a caring boy, as he looks out for his little sister, he is also very goal-oriented, getting upset when he is unable to sign a record label after practicing guitar for many years, after being tested on by scientists, Kazuki continues to attempt to compose music, but is unable to reason with others for the most part.


IMG 20150824 202916

Kazuki, prior to being taken away by scientists.

Kazuki's ability is to control surrounding air vibrations. While he used it to get desired sounds, scientists believed it could be better put to use by jamming signals


  • His name might be inspired by the art director of the series Kazuki Higashiji