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Love and Flame (恋と炎, Koi to Honō) is the third episode of Charlotte, first broadcast on July 18, 2015.


Yu and the team find themselves helping out a famous idol whose life is in danger after she finds out a troubling secret.


Ayumi makes omelette rice for Yū. He tries to tell her that he does not need her to make lunch for him anymore, however Ayumi insists since she already made it for him. Yū leaves his apartment and looks at the lunch Ayumi made for him. Yū smears the message that was written on the omelette rice and goes to school.

After class, Jōjirō uses his ability to hurry to the cafeteria causing a ruckus along the way. Yū then meets Jōjirō in the cafeteria to see that he is covered in blood. After Yū eats lunch with Jōjirō at the cafeteria, Jōjirō gets a call from Nao summoning the two of them to the student council room. They are assigned to another job, which leads them to a user with two abilities: spiritism, which is the ability to allow a dead individual to possess the user's body, and pyrokinesis, the ability to set objects or people on fire.

After investigating, the three come across popular singing idol and vocalist of the band How-Low-Hello, Yusa Nishimori, who is being chased by someone. With the help of her friend Shō, they fight off her pursuer, finding out afterwards that Yusa has the ability to allow a dead person possess her body, and that she is currently possessed by her older sister Misa, who has pyrokinesis. Misa later explains that Yusa was being chased when she accidentally brought home the phone of a TV producer that holds shady facts against him. Nao says that even if she returned the phone, she won't be safe. Nao devises a threatening plan to deal with the producer.

That night, Yusa confronts the producer and turns into Misa, who threatens him before returning the phone to him. Afterwards, Nao informs Misa that she will have her and Yusa transferred to Hoshinoumi Academy saying that the condo next to their school will be the safest place in all of Japan for her. When she agrees, Shō confesses his feelings for her; she tells him to live his own life and thanks him for everything.


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Cultural References[]

  • In the cafeteria, Jōjirō's phone rings and we can see a How-Low-Hello wallpaper on his smartphone.
  • Yū uses Wikipedia to research information on Yusa Nishimori.
  • Yusa has a can of Bringles potato chips (a Pringles reference) on the table, when they first meet her.

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