Misa Kurobane (黒羽 美砂, Kurobane Misa) was Yusa Nishimori's older sister, who died in a motorcycle accident at the age of only 16 years old six months prior to the anime's beginning, she was able to possess Yusa's body via her sister's Spiritism ability, but this is no longer the case after she and Yusa willingly gave up their abilities to Yū Otosaka.


Misa Nishimori
Since Misa is already deceased, she "lives" inside Yusa, the difference between a normal Yusa and a possessed Yusa is that the shape of her eye becomes sharper, and the color changes from blue to red, Yusa's blonde hair also ombres to a darker shade of orange when she is possessed by Misa.

However, at the end of Memories to Come, a Misa's photo is seen, in the photo, she seemed to be a girl with long orange hair, this indicates that Misa's original hair color was orange, Yusa's hair changing into a darker orange is simply to indicate that Misa is currently taking over Yusa's body, her eyes are not seen in the photo, although she might have light blue or fuchsia eyes.


Misa's memorial


Yusa has stated before that Misa's personality and her own are polar opposites, throughout the series, she displays very tomboyish actions, often speaking foul language and acting rashly without giving a second thought. A recount by Yusa was made that Misa was "such a tomboy that no boy in the neighborhood could win against her". However, despite being a cruel and violent girl, she loves her parents and sister.

In order to hide her sister's ability, and her own, Misa seems to be very trustful towards her two friends, who tolerate Misa's abusive behavior.

It is shown that Misa worried about Yusa, with her being unaware about her spiritual ability, she decides to write a letter for Yusa in order to get her to realize her power.


Main article: Pyrokinesis

While possessing Yusa's body, she has the power of Pyrokinesis, which is the ability to generate and manipulate fire out of thin air. She often uses this to threaten people.

Misa using her ability

Misa using her ability.


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  • Her appearance is similar to Yusa from Angel Beats!.
  • Her power is similar to Koharu from Norn9 series. Despite her personality like Yusa, but Koharu is very strong girl just like Misa.
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