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Mishima (三嶋) is a student of the elite Hinomori High School and the best friend of Yumi Shirayanagi.



Mishima is a young girl with neck-length red hair that has bangs hanging over her eyebrows, light green eyes and her height is about as same as Yumi Shirayanagi.

She is usually seen wearing the Hinomori High School uniform.


Mishima is a childish, cheerful and playful girl, yet is still caring for others, this is seen by how worried she was when Yumi Shirayanagi got into an accident and how grateful she was once she found out Yumi was safe.

Yumi usually calls her "Mitchon".


Mishima and yumi at entrance ceremony

Mishima and Yumi discussing Yū Otosaka.

Mishima is always seen together with Yumi Shirayanagi wherever she goes. At the school entrance ceremony, when Yū Otosaka gives his speech as the student representative, Mishima whispers to Yumi who was sitting in front of her. She says that Yū is quite cool, which Yumi easily agrees to. 

After school, as they were waiting to cross the street, Yū uses his ability to construct an accident to save Yumi. He takes over Mishima's body and runs away from Yumi. Once back in his own body, he possesses a truck driver and attempts to hit Yumi, switching back into his body just a few seconds later to save her. Mishima then runs back to her best friend while sobbing, and is grateful towards Yū.

Watery eyes

Mishima worried about Yumi.

Later after Yumi's leg has already been bandaged, Yumi asks Yū if he could join her and Mishima to go to their favorite pancake cafe. Mishima, who realizes that it is a chance for Yumi to develop a relationship with him, makes an excuse that she must go home soon and he leaves both Yumi and Yū alone.


  • The surname Mishima means "three" (三) (mi) and "island" (島) (shima).