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Promise (約束, Yakusoku) is the twelfth episode of Charlotte, first broadcast on September 19, 2015.


The friends from student council and Ayumi come visit Yu who is hospitalized from his injuries. Among them is Tomori. During his conversation with Tomori, Yu makes a certain decision.


Waking up in the hospital, Yu wakes up, remembering what had transpired. He accidently involves his ability, Collapse, until Shichino stabs a sedative in Yu's arm. Medoki arrives explaining what had happened while Shichino blames Yu for the death of Kumagami much to Medoki's dismay. Yu admits it was his fault for Kumagami's death. Over a course of few days, Yu's friends visit him in the hospital, Jojiro, Yusa, and Ayumi, in that order. With Yusa's visit, he asks Misa to talk to her parents in order to move on. Afterwards, Medoki informs Yu about his older brother Shunsuke who hasn't moved from his spot since Kumagami's death. Finding Shunsuke, Yu realizes Shunsuke is just like him when he had lost Ayumi. Upon returning to his room, Yu finds Nao who offers him a suggestion on how to tackle the problem, looting everyone's abilities all around the world. Yu takes her suggestions seriously much to Nao's surprise. Yu also confesses his feelings to Nao who is in disbelief. Nao makes Yu promise her and in return, she will reciprocate her feelings unconditionally. Yu informs his brother who decides to support him. Moments later, Yu takes the abilities of Jojiro and Yusa/Misa. Jojiro hands a note from Misa to Yusa who breaks into tears.


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