Rakuen Made (楽園まで, "Until Paradise") is the second closing theme song for the anime Charlotte. It is performed by Yusa Nishimori, lead singer of the Idol group How-Low-Hello. Her singing voice actress is Maaya Uchida. The song was introduced in Love and Flame, and describes a relationship between two people, who miss each other dearly (death is implied), possibly referring to Shō and Misa.



English Translation

Madamada kono tabi wa kitsui mono ni naru nante
Kimi ni iu to ato de mata shikarareru n da
Somosomo ikiru koto sore jitai ga zankoku de
Sonna koto dare datte iya hodo shitteru to

Whenever I tell you the worst is yet to come
You chide me over and over
But life is cruel enough as it is
It's something everyone knows far too well.
Kimi ni wa itsuka misetai mono ga aru
Soredake wa zutto kono mune ni
Mou nido to wa afureru koto nai
Nanika wo ushinai nagara
Tooku kumo no mukou wo tada kimi wa mitsumete iru dake
Kitto tadoritsukeru rakuen wo ima wo shinjite iru
I have something to show you one day
Something that I've locked in my heart
As you again lose something
that can never be replaced
You raise your head high
and gaze far beyond the clouds
I'm sure you believe now there's a way to Paradise

Kitto ima made waratta kazuooku no watashi no tame

No doubt, now you've managed to smile, at the many things I did
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