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Spiritism is an ability that allows the user to channel the dead. When the ability is active, the body of the user serves as a host for a person that has died.

It was the ability of Yusa Nishimori.


This ability is seemingly always active, or is unconsciously activated. The user is able to become possessed by the spirits of the dead. The ability is considered to be "used" when a spirit possesses the user. When this happens, the user will become unconscious, and the dead spirit will become the main consciousness. Once the spirit stops possessing the user, the user will regain control over their body, and also have no memory of events that happened while the spirit was in control.

When the spirit possesses the user, the user's body may change very slightly to reflect the traits of the spirit's own body when they were alive, such as eye color and hair color. The spirit can commit whatever actions they want using the host's body. However, the vessel is still the user's body: actions the spirit wants to commit may be limited by the physical limitations of the ability user.

Additionally, if the spirit was also an ability user when they were alive, they are able to use their ability when they possess the host. This can be mistaken as the user having two separate abilities, but in reality the user's ability is still Spiritism; the spirit's ability is separate.