Takehito Kumagami (熊耳 武仁, Kumagami Takehito) was a member of student council at Hoshinoumi Academy and Shunsuke Otosaka's best friend. 


Kumagami had long light brown hair that covers his eyes, tied in a ponytail, and light violet eyes, he wears the usual school uniform of Hoshinoumi Academy, he is always seen dripping wet in his uniform when he goes to the student council room as he says it is a requirement to use his ability, this often shocks new student council members, in the first 5 episodes, he appears only briefly to inform the student council members about ability users's whereabouts, in the episode The World that is No Longer Here, he is seen dry rather than dripping wet.

Kumagami with his eyes showing


Not much is known about Kumagami's personality, but he speaks only after detecting someone to describe their ability, he was a very kind boy, often caring about family, in the episode Charlotte, Kumagami is kidnapped by Furuki on the account of his family being held for ransom, Kumagami willingly obliges to go with Furuki after he discovers this, he also cares in great depth for Shunsuke Otosaka, especially when the nickname "Pooh" is used.


Kumagami is first shown when wet and he locates another ability user and leaves. He helps the student council locate many ability users. In The World that is No Longer Here he approaches Yū Otosaka when not wet, thus revealing his face and asks him to come with him. Kumagami then takes Yū to Shunsuke Otosaka (Yū's brother) who explains their past abilities and why he erased their memories. In Shunsuke Otosaka's flashback, Kumagami is shown to be his best friend and he is very loyal to him. In Charlotte, he is tortured by terrorists and eventually her dies in the hands of Shunsuke while protecting Nao Tomori from being impaled by metal rods after Yū causes disruption.


Kumagami has the ability to locate anybody who possesses an ability. Originally, it was thought that he needed to soak himself in water while fully clothed to use his ability, but it is later revealed that he only did it to hide his identity. He is a comrade who helps the student council in finding ability users. 


  • Takehito's surname Kumagami means "bear" (熊) (kuma) and "ear" (耳) (gami), which results in "bear's ear".
    • His surname has the same structure to the name Shunsuke, which is written as 隼翼 with Shun (隼) meaning falcon and Suke (翼) meaning wings, which results "falcon's wings".
    • Shunsuke calls Kumagami "Pooh", a phenomenal fictional bear character created by A. A. Milne "Winnie-the Pooh". The reason for this is because "Kuma" means "Bear"
  • In Happiness You Did Not Notice, Kumagami is shown outside the academy for the first time.
  • In The World that is No Longer Here, Kumagami has been shown while not wet.
  • According to Nao Tomori, Kumagami looks handsome if his face is shown
  • As of Charlotte, Kumagami dies protecting Nao Tomori from Yū Otosaka's Collapse Ability.
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