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Time Leap is an ability that allows the user to leap back in time. When the ability is used, the user's consciousness will be transported into a past iteration of themselves, where they can live history again.

It was the ability of Shunsuke Otosaka.


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Yū Otosaka activating Time Leap.

In order to activate this ability, both of the users eyes need to be revealed to light. If one eye is not exposed to light, the ability is rendered unusable. When the ability is used, the user's iris will turn a bright blue. White spots will begin to revolve around the user's pupil, creating a similar effect to star trails.

The mind of the user then goes back into the past and inhabits a younger version of themselves. The amount of time the user decides to travel can be varied, between a few days to many years. The user retains all memory of events that happened the span of time that passed between the time reverted to and when the Time Leap was used. The user can then make different decisions for events that they know are going to happen in the "future", and can potentially alter the outcome of those events. During this new time, the user can also activate Time Leap again, and carry memories from each iteration they experienced between Time Leaps.

However, the number of times this ability can be used is limited; each time this ability is used, the user's vision will grow worse, eventually turning into blindness (which renders it completely unusable). How many times the ability must be used for this to happen is unknown, but it can be assumed that the amount of vision the user loses is correlated to the span of time that passes between a Time Leap. However, the user still possesses the ability, and if the user were to somehow have their sight restored, or if the ability was Plundered by someone who was not blind, they would be able to activate Time Leap again.


Shunsuke Otosaka[]


Yū Otosaka[]


Effects on Others[]

The effects of Time Leap on other people are inconsistent. In the first iterations of Time Leap, only Shunsuke is aware of of the effects of Time Leap, and everyone else has no memory of the events of the future. However, during the ZHIEND concert in The World That is No Longer Here, Yū was able to gain memories from before the first Time Leap of a song that was supposedly debuting at said concert.



Time-Leap in the opening.

  • It is theorized that Sala Shane might have also had this ability in the past due to the similarities she shares with Shunsuke, such as blindness. It is debatable whether or not it is the same ability or a similar one. Though it is is unknown whether or not she ever was an ability, she is shown to have a connection to time travel as it was only after hearing her song (Trigger) that Yu is able to recall the events of the 1st timeline even though this shouldn't be possible as he hadn't ever experienced any such events aside from hearing the song in said timeline. Even Shunsuke is unsure of how it happened further cementing the theory.
  • Time Leap is one of the many abilities hidden in the show's opening, Bravely You.