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Yoshiyuki Ōmura (大村 佳之, Ōmura Yoshiyuki) is the president of the Student Council in Hinomori High School.


Yoshiyuki has gray hair, and black eyes, he wears the standard school uniform of the elite Hinomori High School.


In his only appearance he is shown to be a responsable, intelligent and strict boy as he told Yu that he would be expelled should he be unable to get 90% or above on the test without showing much sympathy or care about the matter himself. However it is shown he may have a perverted side as he was intently staring at a lewd photo, which Yu mistook for his previous test answers. Though he may have been told to do so by Tomori.


He has someone call Yu Otosaka to the student council room at the end of the school day over the P.A system. When Yu arrives he introduces himself and proceeds to tell him that he must retake a previous test (which he had gotten a and should he fail to get 90% on the test he would be expelled as the matter had been brought to the principal as well. While Yu is taking the test he sits patiently at his desk while looking intently at the paper in his hand, supposedly Yu's previous test answers. A few seconds later Yu possesses him only to see that the paper is lewd photo which causes him to angrily rip the papers apart just before exiting Omura's body. When he comes to he is confused as to what has happened, only for Yu to say he suddenly started ripping the papers up himself. Before he can respond however Tomori speaks up and reveals herself to Yu having been present the entire time. He then quietly watches Tomori interrogate Yu and the following scene.

He is never again seen or mentioned after this event, however he is implied to be atleast aware of the existence of ability users as Tomori explained Yu's ability right in front of him. It is also implied that the whole matter was staged and he had been a part of it implying a connection to Tomori or Hoshi no Umi.