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Yumi Shirayanagi (白柳 弓 Shirayanagi Yumi) is a student of the elite Hinomori High School whose beauty and personality earned her the informal title of the school's "Madonna", although only Yū Otosaka calls her this likely due to his own dramatic tendencies.


Yumi shirayanagi

Yumi is a young girl with waist-length black hair that has bangs hanging over her eyebrows and dark blue eyes.

She is usually seen wearing the school uniform, consisting of a white dress shirt, a light gray blazer, a green ribbon and a dark gray pleated skirt.


Yumi is a calm and shy girl who is willing to repay the good deeds of others, despite this, she is a smart girl enough to not ignore the mistakes a person has committed against her.

She is usually seen with Mishima (Yumi's best friend) whom she affectionately refers to as "Mitchon".


Pancake cafe

Yumi and Yū eating Pancakes

Yumi is the "Yamato Nadeshiko" of her school, which seen in the first episode that she is famous among the students. Yū Otosaka, who is also interested in her, causes a minor traffic accident to get her affections. Yū, acting like a hero causes her to initially fall for him and asks him to join her and Mitchon to their favorite pancake cafe. Mitchon then pretends that she must go home soon, and leaves both Yumi and Yū alone, so they could have their own time together. Afterwards, Yumi asks Yū if they could go home together again, which Yū simply answers "yes."

When Yū moved to Hoshinoumi Academy, they met once again at the same pancake cafe. Yū asked her if she could come visit him at his new school. Yumi answered that it's too far and asked if they can at least meet each other once a week. But Yū answered that they couldn't, but he can't explain the reason because he was forced to not talk to anyone about his ability case. Yumi then stood up and uttered her gratitude that he saved her life once. She said that she won't forget her feelings to him but that they're not even dating, so if she follows Yū to Hoshinoumi Academy, it will mean that she's a stalker. She then leaves, saying that this is their farewell and they must go on their separate ways, much to Yū's shock.

Yumi asking Yu to Leave Charlotte Ep 7

Yumi worried about Yū.

Later in The End of the Exodus, she visits him to try to get him outside, after he's been cooped up in his condo since Ayumi died. This results in Yū lashing out at her and forcing her to leave his apartment. However when Yū rejoins the student council in the following episode, he recalls Yumi's effort to help him and notes to himself he should go visit her to thank her.


  • The name Yumi means "archery bow" (弓).
  • Yumi's surname Shirayanagi means "white" (白) (shira) and "willow" (柳) (yanagi).