Yusa Nishimori (西森柚咲, Nishimori Yusa) is a main character and also a member of the student council. She is the lead vocalist of the band How-Low-Hello and a teen idol of sorts. She is also known as Yusarin. Her real last name is "Kurobane" (黒羽 柚咲, Kurobane Yusa), but her agency changed it since they thought that the surname was not appropriate for an idol. She is also the younger sister of Misa Kurobane


Yusa Nishimori
Yusa Nishimori CD1

Yusa is a young girl with long blonde hair, tied in a side ponytail, and light blue eyes. She is usually seen wearing her standard dark red uniform.


Yusa's personalities is unlike her deceased sister Misa, as she's often displayed as the cute and innocent girl. She's also a very helpful girl, often sending out "magic spells" that help people in their current situation which started during a segment on a TV show called "Move Asa" which she is actively participating.


Yusa has the ability of Spiritism as she is able to understand to be a medium, seemingly capable of channeling and/or conversing with the dead. If the spirit possessing her has special powers, the spirit can use it through her body. For example, when Misa Kurobane (Yusa's elder sister) possesses Yusa's body, she is able to use Pyrokinesis, which is the ability to control fire. This ability is incomplete however, as she often uncontrollably channels Misa. When this occurs, her appearance changes, causing her eye color to change from blue to red. Upon regaining control of her body, Yusa retains no memories of what happened while the spirit possessed her body.

Yusa has since lost the ability of Spiritism after willingly giving her powers to Yū Otosaka via his Looting ability, making her finally learn about her ability thanks to Misa's letter.


Yusa Nishimori CD1
  • Like Shiori Sekine from Angel Beats!, Yusa has long blonde hair and blue eyes
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