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ZHIEND is a post-rock band which consists of blind lead vocalist Sala Shane. The band is well known, having many fans from around the world.


In The Sound You Heard Sometime, Nao Tomori mentions that the lead vocalist of ZHIEND, Sala Shane, is blind in both eyes. This being the reason that the music she creates is very vast and downright lonely.


ZHIEND poster

poster of ZHIEND in Kazuki's room

ZHIEND is a band that Kazuki is a fan of. When Nao entered her brother's room and told him that she passed the school entrance exam, Kazuki praised her. He then asked Nao if she had listened to the CD that he lent to her, to which Nao replied that she hadn't for now because it would've disturbed her study. Also, she isn't a fan of rock music. Kazuki emphasized that ZHIEND is not a rock band, but a post-rock band. He stated that he aspired to make music similar to ZHIEND, which shows that he really idolizes ZHIEND.


ZHIEND logo on Nao's mp3 player

In the anime ending, it is revealed that Nao is always listening ZHIEND's music with her mp3 player, meaning it is proven that Nao has also become a ZHIEND fan. In The Sound You Heard Sometime, she gives Yū Otosaka her MP3 player after he shows interest in the band.


Lead vocalist - Sala Shane

Anime Insert Songs[]

Single / Album[]

  • ZHIEND 1st single : 「Trigger」released on September 09, 2015

    Trigger album cover

    1. Trigger
    2. Fallin'
    3. Let's feel Good 
    4. Trigger (Japanese ver.)
    5. Fallin' (Japanese ver.)
    6. Let's feel Good (Japanese ver.)
  • ZHIEND 1st Album:「ECHO」 released on October 14, 2015
    Disc 05 image

    ECHO album cover

    Disk 1
    1. Blood Colour
    2. Scar on Face
    3. Fallin' 
    4. Sinking Ships
    5. Ray of Light
    6. Heavy Rain
    7. Vanishing Day
    8. Trigger
    9. Adore
    10. Clouded Sky
    11. Live for You
    12. Feedback
    Disk 2
    1. Blood Colour [日本語Ver.] (Japanese ver.)
    2. Scar on Face [日本語Ver.] (Japanese ver.)
    3. Fallin' [日本語Ver.] (Japanese ver.) 
    4. Sinking Ships [日本語Ver.] (Japanese ver.)
    5. Ray of Light [日本語Ver.] (Japanese ver.)
    6. Heavy Rain [日本語Ver.] (Japanese ver.)
    7. Vanishing Day [日本語Ver.] (Japanese ver.)
    8. Trigger [日本語Ver.] (Japanese ver.)
    9. Adore [日本語Ver.] (Japanese ver.)
    10. Clouded Sky [日本語Ver.] (Japanese ver.)
    11. Live for You [日本語Ver.] (Japanese ver.)
    12. Feedback